My Dear Jane Journal

I have moved all the posts for my "Dear Jane" quilt to a separate Blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Knitted Yoke Sweatshirt

This is the Ribbed version with a rolled edge collar.
Bulky yarn with size 10.5 needles for the yoke and size 7 needles for the collar.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Time to get back to being crafty.

This weekend I finally got back sewing and all things needle arts. I Quickly did a couple of clothing repairs and that jumped started me back to action. I sewed on a patch and mended a seam. Then moved on to turn one of Myra's favorite pairs of Jeans (with a ripped knee) into a tote/purse for her. I also sewed up a little zippered box bag for her to keep her lip gloss and such in.

I found some great pattern booklet finds at the thrift store that have my fingers itching to get back to my Dear Jane. And to start new projects. I will try to resist the new project urge.

I found and interesting leaflet for knitting a new yoke on a sweatshirt to dress it up a bit. I am going to give that a go, even though it is a "new" project.

Now I am off to make up a list of which Dear Jane blocks I need to work on to get back with the group. Lets hope I am not 40 blocks behind like I was last time I took an unplanned break.

Up for Swap this entire box of pre-cut "tumblers".
Various fabrics, some vintage and all fabric types including cotton, linen, and flannel.

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