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Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fun

A Bucket of water and a few balls made out of sponges.
Great fun.

Opps! It was suppose to be a Beret. I guess my math is really bad. ( but at least I finished it.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Geek Mittens Chart

These mittens were partially inspired by the Binary scarf featured in Knitty, Winter 2006.

I have had several request for the chart on Ravelry.
Note the disclaimer on the chart. For personal use only, not resale.
Gray areas on chart are not used in Knitting. Gray outlines the mitten shape.

I forgot to note that I cast on and knit the cuff with a size US 1 dpns switching to size US 2 for the increase rounds and the rest of the mitten. (The mitten pictured was my test mitten and I changed the cuff on my next mitten to use the two different needle sizes.)(green and white because that is what I had leftover from something else.) The worsted weight yarn makes a very thick mitten. This was my first mitten so it probably has a lot of room for improvement.

(Click on the image to get the larger version.)

Edited on June 24th, 2008: A big "Thank You" to Lime and Violet The Daily Chum, for mentioning my mittens!
And the pattern is still a little ruff so if you have a question or suggestion please leave me a note.

Edited on June 25th, 2008: Thanks to Craft for Sharing my Mittens! here

Edited 7-03-08:

Do want to make your own words? go here
(scroll down the page until you see the table for ASCII printable characters)

Remember the doll house?

Myra and I have started trying to finish the doll house I started making several months ago.

Here it is with all the cut edges covered inside and out. The out side got completely covered due to the packing tape and coloring on the box.

We are kind of making things up as we go along.
Below we added more strips of paper to the outside to simulate a bark like texture.

And just like that it has turned into a fairy tree house.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Sassy Apron Swap Recieved

Above is the Apron I received in the Summer Sassy Apron Swap. A nice summery Red, White and Blue. I love the Ruffly bottom section and the Red rickrack. Thank you, Chris.

Chirs also sent a vintage apron, in place of the summer drink recipe. I love the tulips!

I picked up these happy little Bowls at the thrift a while back. I finally made small 4.5 inch bean bags for them. I think the idea is to lay them face down and try to flip them over. The box has gone missing( I think it got wet). They did not have any bean bags when I found them. But I know the box said it was a bean bag game. I wish I had written down the name of the toy or the directions.
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