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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knit shawl started

Yarn: Bernat Satin, Flamingo
Pattern found here.

I did paint a little more on Thursday. I decided to paint the medicine cabinet off-white. The cabinet was green. I have just left it for the past several years because I was just happy to have a nice big cabinet. I found it at a yard sale for $15 dollars. It is one of those with three doors and very fancy framework around the mirror. It took a long time to paint all those little details.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paint, paint, and more paint.

I have been painting for 5 days in a row. I am still not finished.

The first day I brushed primer on the walls where we had touched up a few holes. Especially around the new closet door. The door has a smaller frame then the old one.

Day two I painted the ceiling with primer. We had put texture on it a long time ago to cover cracks and it had never been painted.

The next day I painted the ceiling a color called ginger sugar. It is off-white in the green family.

I waited for that to cure over night. I masked off a line 3 inches down and painted the upper half of the wall. The upper wall is yellow. I don't know what color to call it. It does not match my paint chip. It almost matches. After lunch I went back and painted the lower wall green. The lower wall is textured to look like tile ( the original plaster wall.)

I waited over night and repeated day four on day five, putting on a second coat.

I have a wallpaper boarder that ties all the color together that goes in between the green and yellow. But I have to wait at least two days for the paint to cure. Plus since I used an enamel paint that is very glossy I have to prepare the wall for the paper. *sigh*

I also need to paint the trim and the closet door.

It is taking longer than I thought. But I think I am doing pretty good when you consider how long ago I started the project. Some time in August of 2008. Yes that long ago, when I tore out the built in closet with its 'evil' 30 inch deep shelves, I could not reach the back of. And It had equally ridiculously deep drawers. ( one day I just snapped and cleaned everything out of it and literally took a sledge hammer too it. Then I sent a text message to Shawn and told him I had done it. ) Tearing out that closet called for a new door. That messed up the Wallpaper around the door. Wallpaper is just horrible to take off the wall. I procrastinated a lot. Then When the weather turned cooler This year I made myself get busy on that paper. I did a couple sections at a time. And Shawn helped get the really hard to reach parts. After the paper was down things started moving right along.

I don't think I will get it all finished by this weekend. I have plans to go to my Mother-in-laws house and eat birthday cake on Saturday. And Sunday is bi-monthly game day with our friends.
Pictures soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More of the finish it list

I started this Granny Square Bag while we were on vacation in July.
It is very large.

Most of the yarn was odd bits in my Mother's Stash.

We now have a ceiling fixture in the bathroom, not just vanity lights.
No Electricity hooked to it yet. I am just glad the hole looks so nice. We had to cut through plaster and lath-board. I was afraid the whole ceiling might try to crumble. I also got primer painted on from the ceiling down to the base boards.
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