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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Things I make

I like all sorts of crafts so just to introduce what kinds of things I make here are a few pictures of the most recent projects.

things crochet

A purse for my sister.A purse for Myra and one for Barbie too!

afghan stitch crochet square with cross stitch April Fools Dragon. Square sewn to premade pillow.

Dragon cross stitch pattern
copywright by Dragon Dreams, Jennifer Aikman-Smith.

On to sewing projects and Erik's Birthday cake.

Noah as Elmo.
okay, I did not sew Elmo but the other kids are here and he had to be here too!

Myra as Princess Peach.
Myra's costume is entirely homemade.

Erik as Super Mario. Eriks hat, hammer, crochet mustache, and faux overhalls (just the top was homemade with velcro on side and worn with jeans)

Erik's Birthday is two days before halloween, so I had to make a matching birthday cake to go with his choice of costume.

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