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Friday, September 22, 2006

Wedding gifts.

Wow! I am finished two weeks before the wedding!

The happy couple is planning an Asian theme to their wedding with flower choices and decorations. So to keep with the theme here are the gifts.

The biggest part of these gifts is the Cross Stitch piece. It did not call for nor did I add the names or the date since I wanted it to be more like "Blessing" or wish for the couple.

The wooden Double Happiness was a great find while I was out looking for a frame for the cross stitched piece.

The coaster set is store bought with the Asian characters stenciled on with oil based stencil paint.

The hand embroidered greeting card just makes it all flow together nicely. Inside the card reads "Harmony for a Hundred Years" a traditional wish for the bride and groom.


Anna said...

Wow!! This gift looks quiet lovely. A nice gift idea!! You can peep into my wedding blog for some thought sharing!!

☆╮ 花緣坊╭☆ said...

It is so beautiful!!

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