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Sunday, July 1, 2007

The busy bee

"Honey is sweet! but the bee stings" Proverbs

Two weeks ago I stepped on a bee. After always telling the kids to put their shoes on to go outside, I am the one who goes barefoot.

Today our neighbor came home to find a few bees in one of his trees.

Our neighbor called a local beekeeper and he brought a box for the bees.

The beekeeper brushed the bees into a small cardboard box with a small hand broom and dumped them into the wooden hive.

He managed to get the queen and the other bees began to migrate to the box. It was interesting to see the little bees sit on the edge of the box and fan their wings. I was told they were doing this to fan the scent of the queen, and let the other bees know she had moved.

The beekeeper gave the branch one good shake and knock the majority of the remaining bees off. Then he sprayed the tree branch with something that was really unpleasant. He said that most times when he sprays the stuff "people start looking at there shoes to see if they stepped in something."

The box was placed on the ground to allow all the bees a chance to move in. The beekeeper will return at night to get the box full of bees.

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog, Todays Creative Blog.

We had this bee thing happen about 3 years ago. A large swarm of about 20,000 decided to take over a small tree in our front. It was pretty amazing to see the bee keepers do their thing.

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