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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not Just a Blog Vacation

I woke up Thursday July 3rd and realized it was going to be a three day weekend. Perfect for starting a vacation. And Luckily my Hubby got the next week off from work and I packed like crazy. And the next day we were off.

The first day we saw ELVIS! He was driving down I-40 just west of Oklahoma City.
He was talking on his Cell phone and wearing big sunglasses.

The next day in Texas, at the rest area we saw a Baby Deer.

We stopped at the Dinosaur Museum in Tucumcari, NM.

We enjoyed the garden at My parents house, and visited for 5 days.

(above is a photo taken outside Albuquerque, NM.)

Then we climbed back into the car for the two day return home.

Thanks Mom and Dad for Having us out for a visit with only a few hours notice before we started our drive. The kids Had a great time playing, swimming, swinging, and go-cart riding.

We all had a great time.

This is Post 250! how about a giveaway?
Leave a comment and mention your favorite hobby/craft and win a surprise prize.


Michele P. said...

congrats on your 250th post~ I loved your vacation pics, it's great seeing other areas of the country. My favorite thing to do is to decorate envelopes with my daughter, whether with glitter, stickers or what have you. We have lots of fun doing that, and getting those kits in the stores (that come with instructions!) for little craft items.

Stacy said...

How fun, spur of the moment trips are my favorite! And I love NM, being a southwestern girl myself. I bet your kids loved playing with grandma and grandpa.
Lets see, my favorite craft, hmmm. I love doing mixed media things, like collages into clocks and fabric in paintings. I also love to quilt.
Congrats on 250 posts, that's fantastic hun. Have a great week recuperating. Love Stacy

RobinE said...

How nice it must feel to just pick up and go! A rare treat. :)

Congratulations on post 250-- that's just awesome! My favorite craft is quilting... right now I'm really into hand piecework. I'm working on my Dear Jane and a grandmother's flower garden.

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