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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Teddy Bear crayons! Made from recycled crayons.
Idea found through The Crafty Crow. here

I used an ice tray for the bear shape. Only it was not silicone. I ended up cutting apart the individual bears and melting the crayons in my crayon maker, then pouring them directly into the bears.
This involved a little problem solving. I had to improvise a funnel system to get the melted crayon into the mold without spilling most of it down the front of the Crayon making machine. ( I had already altered my crayon maker so I can open it before the melted wax cools. My kids don't use this machine. They have another that still stays locked until it is cooled.)
This takes a lot longer than putting the whole Ice tray in the oven but I could not find a silicone tray so...

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Felicia said...

They turned out adorable :)

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