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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween Sewing

I am making progress, but it is going to have to be modified. I made one size larger than Myra's current dress size and it is really difficult to get on and off over her head as constructed. So before I add the skirt I need to decide how to add a zipper to the back. There is a seam down the back of the bodice but no seam in the back of the skirt. so...

Have I ever mentioned I hate Simplicity Patterns? I am starting to think they don't really test the instructions or the final product. and I Hate how they mix the instructions for the different views all together. And the fact that what kind of pieces to cut is very inconsistent. One piece says interfacing, another says tulle, and a third informs you that tulle is used for the interfacing. aack!

(Last year one one of the shirt patterns I used neglected to put the cuffs in the cutting layout. and it said cut two on the pattern piece, when you really needed four!)

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