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Monday, December 15, 2008


I could not find one... so I made one. A small stove that does not take up all the room of a big play kitchen.The stove is made of Plastic canvas, felt, re-cycled pillow stuffing, self cover buttons, and a little paint.

This is the first thing I have sewn in over a month. I hope to get several gifts finished this week and get back to sewing a couple times a week.


wendy said...

Oh, what a great idea...I love it!

lisa said...

That is so cute!

HaveFaith said...

Just this week I asked my daughter, now 38, what was a favorite Christmas gift that she got as a child. We had little money to spend then and I made her a kitchen stove, refrigerator, and sink out of cardboard boxes. I painted them and added knobs for the stove dials, a pull for the refrigerator door and a basin for the sinktop. She actually said that those were her favorite gift. I really couldn't believe it. She really played with them for a very long time, so unlike today when a gift may keep a child's attention for about 5 minutes. Your stove is excellent and I think it will be loved at first sight.

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