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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Start a new project?

I crochet the above Shawl as part of a CAL. It was fun. The shawl is more pretty than warm.

A trip to Joann's, and a need to buy just one ball of yarn, resulted in these colorful fingerless mitts.

A puppy bed! It is huge, but one of the kids usually ends up laying on it with the puppy.
It is made from a thrifted vintage sheet and 7 recycled bed pillows.
I sewed the 2' x 4' pillow ,and Myra cut open the flat bed pillows, fluffed up their inside, and stuffed the puppy pillow.
I then cut a big square from a faded Chenille blanket (a yard sale find for a dollar). I made the chenille into a fitted cover that can easily be thrown in the wash.

Happy Puppy!

Noah found a Latch hook kit that makes a stick pony. I have never done latch hook before. And I am not doing this one either. Although I may help when it comes time to sew the two halves together. (The eyelashes still need trimming.)

Spinach and Bacon Linguine. Recipe was on the pasta box. yummy!

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Robin said...

Lot's o' stuff! The shawl is lovely. The fingerless mitts look gorgeous! My mom used to do a lot of latch-hook-- and even created her own designs (she still has a number of her projects hanging on the walls at her house). I'm afraid I never could get into it, but seeing the kit makes me feel rather nostalgic. :)

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