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Saturday, June 26, 2010

This and That

Myra's new purse! Myra did about half of the sewing for this cut little bag.

A crewel embroidery Pin-keep. Circles of matte board help it hold its shape. The pins go in only on the sides.

I found the kit for the embroidery at the thrift store. It was supposed to be a pillow type cushion. I wanted something a little more unique.

My new purse, made using Amy Butler's Madison Bag pattern.
The Cell phone pocket is a McCall's Pattern.
The long skinny zipper pouch is made up off the top of my head (the Madison bags do not have pockets).

The heavy duty (Peltex) interfacing was kind of hard to sew with this bag. The bag has great body because of the interfacing but ... it gave me fits. Also hard to sew was the act of sewing the lining in. The bag was practical wrapped around the arm of the machine.

At the moment I would not want to make another one. But I got lots of compliments on it. Maybe it will be like childbirth and I will forget how much trouble I had and decide to make another.

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Robin said...

Ugh. Peltex is NOT my favorite thing to work with. I nearly tore my hair out last time I sewed with it. But your bag looks great! I love the additional features (what kind of bag has no pockets??? *gasp!*).

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