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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

post #100

The quilt.

This quilt is one I started the summer of 1997. It is my dream to finish it by the end of this summer. I was almost finished when I stopped working on it. The only part that remained was the one appliqued border. Work on it was interrupted by a job at Hobby Lobby. I quickly learned it is better to stay home instead of paying for daycare.

The border that runs across the bottom of the quilt should go all the way around.

I had started this quilt to enter a contest. It required the use of Thimbleberries Fabrics. And the use of blocks from a given selection. The tulip in the outer border and the corner basket block are two of those that where given as choices. The tulip block used in the center of the quilt were reproduced from a thumbnail in a library book. The only Information given in the book was that the pattern was from circa 1830. I had to draft the templates for the block. The curves were extremely difficult. And lining up the center bottom of the tulip with the dividing line of the leaves was no picnic either.

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wendy said...

Congradulations!! on the #100th post and the pretty quilt.

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