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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knit hat

My third ever knit project. It has flaws, but the fact that I can see them makes me think I learned something. I feel pretty good about just getting the UFO finished. I had started the hat last winter. Too bad none of the kids like the colors.

Now that the hat is done, these cute little grannies will be my t.v. project. A make it up as I go along poncho for Myra. I don't know how much yarn there is to finish this project. I "borrowed" it from my mom's yarn basket back in June. This was my car project. But now that school started there are not many long trips in the car.

I found a few more socks for monkeys. But not the perfect pair of Halloween socks. It is really hard to find non-directional patterns. Myra says she wants a sock kitty so I will have to changed the ears and the mouth embroidery on hers.

I am cleaning out the Craft Room so over at the side is a Link for the Swap Box. Take a look I may have something you want trade for. I will consider any kind of trade it does not have to be a like Item. I will try to add more to the box as I clean.

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~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

I tried doing granny squares. Apparently, my double crocheting is a new tecnhique that hasn't been created yet, or known to anyone other than me! lol. I kind of had it going, but I could never get the gauge right. teehee-i'm such a knitter.

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