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Monday, November 26, 2007



Pattern found : here.
Yarn: Yarn Bee - Iced Fruit for frosting and Unknown yellow acrylic for cake.
Needles: US7

I had trouble with the Make Nubble, in the directions. So I substituted a picot edge. I took pictures of how I did this but don't know how to describe what I did.
Instead of the round to make nubbles I did the following;
3 rounds of knit
1 round of *YO, K2tog* (repeated around)
3 rounds of knit
Using a crochet hook I then folded this edge and attached it on the wrong side to the last row of the rib pattern.

After doing this I followed pattern until decreases left 3 stitches and worked about and inch of i-cord.


Felicia said...

So cute!

Mavis said...

I love these little hats, but the link to the pattern is no longer available. Do you know anywhere else to find the pattern?

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