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Friday, November 30, 2007

More Christmas Gifts

Sisters Hat by Janet Gallagher
Yarn: Rowan Designer DK 1 skein ( I had a little leftover)
Needles: US7

I added the picot edge. This pattern gave me problems, but only because I kept forgetting to pass the Slipped stitch over. And I could not figure out what I kept doing wrong. It has flaws but I am Happy with it.

Fleece scarf with a button hole stitch.
(simple but time consuming)

Plain garter stitch scarf.
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun - Grape and Red Heart Super Saver - Dark Plum
(One strand each held together)
Needles: US 15
Size: approximate 10" x 60"
I just kept knitting until I ran out of the Grape Homespun.

My Laptop Got a new Hard Drive and came home for two days. It Died Completely.
They did not send it off to be tested as they said they would. One Tech said it possibly had a short in the motherboard or in the Hard drive controller on the mother board. Then someone else came along and decided just to change the Hard drive and call it fixed. * insert Grumbling*
Shawn took it back to the tech and they are to send it all the way back to the company (which they said they were going to do the first time). It will take them a minimum of ten days to decide if they can fix it of if the store should just replace it. *sigh*

Just to be even more annoying Windows Vista did not allow me to back up all my favorites. Security? Whatever reason, I am having to slowly remember what blogs I was reading. And as I rediscover them, I am adding them to the sidebar here on my blog.
All the files and Photos seemed to backup fine, just my favorites was full of holes. ??!!

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