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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Geek Mittens


This mitten was inspired by several patterns. Mainly the Binary scarf and the Linux illusion scarf.
The size is probably a Ladies small. I want the thumb and mitten to be about 1/2 inch longer to fit my husbands hand.

I used US1 dpns and worsted weight Lion Brand wool. It is nice and thick and warm. Later I will have to knit it a mate for myself. But first I want to finish Shawn a pair in time for his birthday. He would like yarn in two shades of brown. I will have to see what I can find.

Edit: It says Null, begin text, space, S, h, a, w, n, space.


wendy said...

Awesome...what does it say?

Felicia said...

Oh, they're adorable!

Heatherly said...

i love the geek mittens! i know someone who would love a pair.

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