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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quilted Love

Usually Making my bed is low on my list of things to do. But today I got a box in the mail from my Parents. And from almost 1400 miles away my mom got me to make my bed and straighten up my room. She made for and sent to me this quilt.

Even the back looks pretty!

I had made A Mario themed lap quilt for Erik. I mailed it to her to quilt and it looks amazing too.

I also got a nice addition to my stash of Fat Quarters for My Dear Jane. Some Quarter yard cuts and different odd pieces of fabric. So I am off to start pre-washing.

I also finished this months Noah's Ark BOM.


Anina said...

Maybe a quilt is what I need to make me make the bed...
You're a lucky girl.

Carin said...

What fun quilt!

Stacy A. said...

Ha, Anina may be right. What a beautiful quilt. And may I ask, is that a stuffed turtle on your bed? I love it! Maybe a stuffed turtle would help ma make my bed! Your Noahs Ark looks great, I love the pear fabric. Are you doing each one different colors? I got a charm pack of wovens to do mine but now that I see your colors....hmmm. I'll be thinking of you sleeping in that new quilt with your turtle :) Love Stacy

Felicia said...

What a beautiful quilt :)

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