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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Outside of my quilting projects I have been working on a dress, for my niece.

This week I am sewing on the sparkly bits, beaded trim, and sequins.

OOPs-I thought it would be easy to use the sequins if I placed them in this little plastic box. Not true. The static Electricity makes them jump out of the box (like popcorn) every time I move the box.

Myra made L-4 for her Quilt. I helped quite a bit with this one. We should of paper pieced, but I tried cutting individual pieces for her. I will have to teach her to piece with paper soon.


Carin said...

The beads are beautiful! I wonder if you used a little glass bowl if the static wouldn't be an issue?

Bunny said...

After a few hours out in the open air, they finally stopped jumping out of the box.

Stacy A. said...

Wow, Myra is going to be a star quilter by the time she is 10! This block looks great. It is so neat you ladies are doing this together on your own quilting nights. I need to get myself to the thrift store. I love the bird fabric. It will be a great bag. Love Stacy

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