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Friday, October 23, 2009

Top in blue and green

It is so pretty! YOU can not tell from the photo, but the fabric under the sheer gathered area at the top is a dark blue with gold sparkly print. The embroidered ribbon was something I have had for some time and had never found a use for. The pearl beads are left over from a Flower girl basket project. I had to sew them on by hand. The gold trim is a spool of left over trim from a pirate hat project. The blue and green beaded trim is the one we were lucky to find in the clearance bin, in the perfect colors. The green fabric is a Prom dress project remnant.

I really love it when I dig through what is on hand a the finished project looks so great. Like I spent hours at the store matching all the trims and buttons up.

Now to get the pants sewn up. The dark blue and the sheer fabric will show up better in the pants.


Robin said...

Oooo... the top looks awesome! And how wonderful that you have been able to pull it all together with stuff from your stash.

Micki said...

What a gorgeous top! I just love it!

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