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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Candle Tray

The mirror is a light weight plastic, so candles need to be in in glass holders.
The webs are made from scraps of muslin. The leaves are some silk ones I pulled off their plastic stems. Spider rings were sewn on to to webs, with the ring part cut off. The bottom and frame of mirror were covered with fabric. Button thread was used to weave the web (edges securely sewn to fabric covering the mirror). All intersections of the web were glued with fabric glue to keep them from slipping. Fabric glue was also used to glue leaves and muslin webs in place. I pinned everything down while the glue dried. And because I am impatient , I put it on the shoe rack in my clothes dryer to speed dry it.

I am busy finishing up Halloween costumes for the kids.

Myra put here new socks on as soon as she saw I had finished them. She really likes them.

I have added a link for Halloween Part Pictures. Check the sidebar.

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