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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Knit Hat

This is my second knit hat. The first was an unwanted gray blob. This hat is a winner with its 12 year old owner. Finished a day after his birthday. (oops!)
This hat is so much better. Lots of stretch and length made it a perfect fit.

The Pattern was found at I did change the decrease to keep the pattern going up to the very top of the hat.

I used size 7 dpns and Red Heart Super Saver in Camouflage. This size is a good one size fits most. But I would like a smaller size for the younger members of the family.
I think I will do the pattern again and try smaller dpns. I am not sure why I picked size 7 this time. ( I am guessing I thought for some reason the pattern said size 4 mm and the closest thing I had was a 7. That is my story and since it worked out, I am sticking to it.)


Debbie D said...

Cool! How long did it take you to do that?

Bunny said...

It took about a week. but I was only working on it at night. four a couple of hours at a time.

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